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This integrated set of Latin course books and readers takes the student from beginners’ level up to and beyond the Higher Tier of GCSE. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced gradually and systematically consolidated to allow the learner to master the new material and integrate it into what has been previously learned.
By encouraging both recognition and recall of the essential building blocks, learners will be able to transfer their skills to reading continuous passages of simple Latin found in the readers, which are designed to build up confidence and fluency, as a stepping-stone to Roman authors.

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Latin Textbooks - Foreign language course books from Pragnell Books

There is no doubt that Classical
Greek, even more than Latin,
has been squeezed out of the
official timetable. In many of
the remaining schools where it
is still taught it is now a twilight
or broom-cupboard activity.
Nonetheless, by harnessing
the enthusiasm of youth with
a systematic approach used to
teach prep school Latin, it is
possible equip students with
the rudiments of Greek that will
encourage them to continue onto
John Taylor’s Greek to GCSE.

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Introduction to Classical Greek, Pragnell Books - Foreign Language Learning

There are certainly now more
good materials commercially
available for learning Arabic,
whether what is termed Modern
Standard or a particular spoken
variety. Nonetheless there is still
no course specifically designed
to take ‘non heritage’ students
from absolute beginners’ level up
to GCSE. For students who have a
firm grounding in the basics will
find Chawki Nacef’s excellent
GCSE Arabic Companion and his
GCSE Arabic Speaking companion
of immense use. My Arabic-
English GCSE Word List should
help students working through
these books.

Apart from Arabic in Action A
Basic Course in Spoken Arabic
which aims to teach basic Arabic
using normal Roman script, my
other publications are aimed
at intermediate to advanced
students who are seeking to
improve their level of media or
literary Arabic.

A Week in the Middle East, Arabic Course Book - Learning Foreign Languages with Pragnell Books

Every year tens of thousands of
young people with a wide range
of language expertise come
to Britain to attend morning
language classes and to visit the
sights afterwards. In an attempt
to provide some kind of structure
to the morning conversation
classes, I wrote London Times
which has texts and activities
that can be used by all levels of
students from beginners up to

London Times from Pragnell Books - Learning English as a Foreign Language Course Books